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St. Patrick Catholic Parish and School


 Alleluia! Love is Alive!

People of God, see the morning is new; rise from your sleeping and run to the tomb.  Come and see!  Come and See!  He is alive!  A grave that is empty a promise fulfilled.  God who was with us is here with us still.  He is here!  He is here!  He is alive!

People of God, let your fear fall away.  Your chains have been broken; abandon your shame.  Lift your hearts!  Lift your Hearts!  He is alive!  Here now is mercy embracing your soul; here the fulfillment that once was foretold.  It is true!  It is true!  He is alive!

People of God now rejoicing in Christ, carry your joy to the darkness of night.  Tell the world!  Tell the world!  He is alive!  Hear the good news of this glorious day, every heart singing as heaven proclaims:  He is Lord!  He is alive!

Alleluia!  Love is alive; conquered the grave and defeated the night.  Alleluia!  Love is alive!  The son has arisen for all Your people sing alleluia!

~Song by Steve Angrisano, Jesse Manibusan, and Sarah Hart 



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