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St. Patrick School is set up with AmazonSmile.

Amazon will donate.5% of all eligible purchase to

St. Patrick School. It is easy to shop.

    1. Go to smile.amazon.com.

    2. Create an account. You will be asked for name, email

        and password. You will be asked to search

        list charitable organization. We are listed as St. Patrick

        Church and School

    3. If you have an account and another charity. Sign in to

        your account. At the top of the page your current charity

        will be listed. Click on it and select change and enter St.

        Patrick Church and School.

Remember all always go to smile.amazon.com to shop!


Earn money for our school every

time you search online.

1st.   Click "SHOP NOW" pink button

2nd.   Click "sign in" on top right

3rd.   Log in or "Join now"

4th.   Search the internet using Goodsearch and they will contribute money to St Pats!

Sign up with Kroger and earn money

for St. Patrick School while you shop!


1st.   Create an account or sign in

2nd.   Click the "Community" tab

3rd.   Choose "Kroger Community Rewards"

4th.   Enroll NOW

5th.   Enroll under Community Rewards

6th.   Type in St. Patrick or 11957

7th.   Choose St. Patrick in Washington, IL

8th.   Shop and use your Kroger Card

St. Patrick School Junior High Choir

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Congratulations to Coach Draeger and to Coach McDougall!. Both have been selected as Coach of the Year by the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association!!

 7th Grade Boys Basketball ends season 2nd 1A State


  SportsLeader Ministry - "Virtue=Strength"

This week our virtue theme is EMPATHY - the strength to understand and share the feelings of another. EMPATHY is necessary for everything in life! Great teams care about each other, great teams share, great teams have EMPATHY.


Thank you, Lord, for this day, this opportunity, this time together. Strengthen our wills and forge our ability to have EMPATHY for our family, friends and teammates. We need to care, we want to care about others and their lives.



 Empower Illinois

We do not have any further information on when awards will be given. We are daily mon-itoring the status. We will forward any information we receive immediately to four St. Patrick families that have applied. Who should families call for specific application help? We encourage all families to call the Empower Illinois Scholarship Hotline (English) 1-855-318-1222 or (Spanish) 1-612-548-3337 for any specific or technical questions about their application.

John Lancaster Spalding Scholarship

April 22, 2018 Application deadline

May 30, 2018 Grant Awards Announced

We are recommending that ALL families who need financial assistance also apply for a Spalding Scholarship. To help facilitate the application process, we are extending the Spalding Scholarship deadline by one week to April 22. Families who applied for the Illi-nois Tax Credit Scholarship (Empower Illinois) should also apply for the diocesan Spal-ding Scholarship. We are encouraging families to apply to both.


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 A picture is worth a thousand words...