Altar Servers

Sanctuary 11.1.23

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass is scheduled to begin.

WHAT TO DO IF I NEED A SUB:  Gone are the days calling numerous people to find a sub.  There is a great feature on this program if a sub is needed.  Simply click on “Sub Request” and an email will be sent out to everyone asking for help.  If you receive a Sub Request and you are available, please click the link in the email and your name will fill the vacancy.  You do not need to check back to be sure the vacancy is filled.  If no one fills the vacancy, Father will ask for a volunteer during Mass. 

Attention:  Altar Servers

If you are scheduled for Monday – Thursday and Saturday Mornings, the Mass time for Monday-Thursday is 7 a.m. and Saturday Morning is 8 a.m.

Please volunteer if you come to Mass and notice Father does not have enough altar servers.

Pope Francis on Becoming an Altar Server