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Please find a short video message from Father Chase Hilgenbrinck, Vocations Director of Recruitment for the Diocese of Peoria and a member of the Core Team for Growing Disciples. This is the first in a series of videos, recorded by members of the Core Team, which are meant to provide all of the faithful with tactical information and updates regarding Growing Disciples.

Growing Disciples Video

Growing Disciples - The Five Foundations | Part 2: Inspiring Discipleship

Annual Diocesan Appeal – Please Help Us Meet Our Goal

Go Make Disciples

Our Annual Diocesan Appeal has begun. 

  • This year, pledge cards will not be distributed in our church. By now, each household should have received a mailing from Bishop Tylka inviting them to participate in the mission of sharing their faith in Jesus with others.

  • The mailing includes a newsletter, a prayer request, a personalized pledge card and a return envelope.

  • Please fill out the pledge card and a prayer request  and mail it directly to the Diocese of Peoria.

  • Our parish depends on your generosity to reach our assigned goal.

  • To learn more about the appeal and to watch appeal videos please visit cdop.org/ada

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Letter Re: November - February Schedule


Advent Lessons And Carols 2021 Flyer

Renovations to the Church Interior

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Stained Glass Coseup Inside Spc
Stained Glass In St. Patrick Sanctuary View 4.13.22
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CHURCH RENOVATION FYI: an update to the parish including the most common questions & answers

The mural will not be destroyed. It will be intact behind the rock wall. A photograph of the mural will be made available for those who would like one.

There will be a new, larger Celtic crucifix that is proportional in size to the new rock wall.

The current carpeting in the sanctuary will be replaced with a solid surface flooring, lighter in color , edged in wood.
The carpeting in the remainder of the church will be replaced soon but at a later time.

This photo of the windows in the church is merely to give an idea of what the windows might look like in our church.  The transition of the colors lead you toward the sanctuary from the earth (browns, green tones) to the water (blues) and ultimately to Christ (purples with golds).  Etched medallions corresponding with the Seven Sacraments (from the Old and New Testaments) will be depicted in the windows. More light will come through the windows than depicted below. The stained glass windows are already paid for by a generous family from St. Patrick Church.

All plans must first be approved by the Diocese of Peoria. No money will be spent until approval is received.

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