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Eucharistic Revival 2

Plans for Sanctuary and Baptistery

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The mural has not been destroyed. It remains intact behind the rock wall. A photograph of the mural will be made available for those who would like one at a later time.

There is a new, larger cross that is proportional in size to the new rock wall. The corpus (body of Christ) has been ordered, however, it will be months before it is delivered and installed on the cross on the rock wall. The old crucifix will remain in the sanctuary until the new crucifix is hung. The corpus was donated by Linda Pratt & family in memory of Henry Pratt. The cross was handcrafted by Gene Gangloff and donated by Gene & Lori Gangloff.

The current carpeting in the sanctuary will be replaced with a polished porcelain tile, edged in wood which matches the side walls of the sanctuary. The carpeting in the remainder of the church will be replaced as well.

The stained glass windows are almost complete and will be installed in the coming months.

The photo of the windows in the church is merely to give an idea of what the windows might look like in our church.  The transition of the colors lead you toward the sanctuary from the earth (browns, green tones) to the water (blues) and ultimately to Christ (purples with golds).  Etched medallions corresponding with the Seven Sacraments (from the Old and New Testaments) will be depicted in the windows. More light will come through the windows than depicted below.

The theme we wanted to bring across with our church design is to draw upon the idea that “the cross is steady while the world is turning”.  In Latin, the translation is Stat crux dum volvitur orbis.  Christ and His cross standing firm, not against the world, which is always in flux, “but for the world, to give meaning to all the suffering that has been, that is and that will be in human history”.  This theme coincides with the orb and cross on top of the church. It also calls to mind the tornado in 2013 that affected our parish in many ways.

With that in mind, the etched words are as follows:
New Testament Side:  STAT CRUX
Old Testament Side:  VOLVITUR ORBIS

The stained glass windows were donated by a generous family from St. Patrick Church.

A new marble baptismal font has been donated by parishioners in memory of Nick Volk. The baptistry will move off the step to the floor to the left of the sanctuary. This will provide more room for families to gather during the Sacrament of Baptism. The floor will match the polished porcelain tile of the sanctuary. The font has been ordered, however, it will take a few months before it is ready and delivered.

A light colored quartz top is being cut for the current altar top. The current altar stone will be placed into the quartz top. Altar stones must contain a first class relic of a martyred saint. The saint in our altar stone is unknown and most likely came from the original Little White Church. Underneath the altar stone is a wood square containing two first class relics of Saint Vincent de Paul and Saint Louise de Marillac. Neither are martyrs but were donated to St. Patrick Church by Rita Bogner, who gave it to Deacon Paul Neakrase when he brought her communion.

A new tabernacle has been ordered which will sit atop a new, larger altar table which is being handcrafted by a parishioner. The tabernacle was purchased by the family of Ingrid Cooksey in her memory. The tabernacle will be flanked with six tall candlesticks (two purchased by the family of Ken Seiler in his memory).

Renovations are underway.

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Blessed Carlo Acutis

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Dearest Friends, 


“The Eucharist is my highway to Heaven.” This statement captures the mission of Blessed Carlo Acutis, the young Italian boy who died at the age of fifteen after a short battle with aggressive leukemia.

I think “ordinary holiness, plus a whole lot of zeal” would be the title I’d give if I were to prepare a talk on Blessed Carlo. In an era in which life is seen through the lens of instant gratification and self-fulfillment, Carlo lived for others. At age seven, he began to attend daily Mass as much as possible. As a youth, he taught catechesis at his parish. He was particularly mindful of the poor and took St. Francis of Assisi as his patron saint. He loved video games, yet he restricted his screen time to cultivate balance in his life. He used his remarkable tech skills to develop a website listing Eucharistic Miracles around the world as a creative means of digital Eucharistic Evangelization. The website he created is still being used in new and old media (aka, printed posters!) worldwide.

At the end of the day, Carlo understood what life was all about—being in communion with God and loving your neighbor. He depended on Our Lady and the saints to help him grow closer to Jesus and allowed himself to bathe in the rays of grace flowing from the Eucharist every day.

I hope this week’s edition of Heart of the Revival helps you and those you love get to know one of our National Eucharistic Revival patrons. May his “ordinary holiness, plus a whole lot of zeal” inspire you to live your everyday holiness with enthusiasm and joy!


Sister Alicia Torres, F.E.

In Jesus,

Sister Alicia Torres, F.E.


PS: If you haven't prayed a Holy Hour for Pope Francis and the Revival yet, it is not too late. Register your Holy Hour today! Learn more about why we are sponsoring this special Holy Hour.

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How an Italian
Teenager’s Love for the Eucharist Transformed a 50th Wedding Anniversary Road Trip

How an Italian Teenager’s Love for the Eucharist Transformed a 50th Wedding Anniversary Road Trip

Not only have Bill and Peg White shared nearly 53 years of married life together, but to celebrate their Golden Jubilee they began to travel the country to share the truth and beauty of the Eucharist through the Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition that includes panels researched and designed by the holy teenager, Blessed Carlo Acutis. Learn more about their inspiring story and how a religious community in Miami is also part of this special mission to share the work of Blessed Carlo.

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The Model of Blessed Carlo Acutis:
Eucharistic Miracles for Children

The Model of Blessed Carlo Acutis: Eucharistic Miracles for Children

Carlo Acutis seemed like a typical teenager of the early 2000s. He wore jeans and Nike shoes, made silly videos of his dogs, loved soccer, and enjoyed video games. He reached out to peers and members of his own family who had fallen away from their Catholic faith for a time. Tragically diagnosed with leukemia, Carlo died at the young age of fifteen in 2006. However, that isn’t the end of Carlo’s story. Katie Bogner has so much more to share about this teenager and his love for the Eucharist. Don’t miss her amazing children’s activities themed on the Eucharistic legacy of Blessed Carlo!

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I Am with You: A Documentary on Carlo Acutis

I Am with You: A Documentary on Carlo Acutis

Filmed on location in Italy, this EWTN original documentary introduces you to the remarkable story of Blessed Carlo Acutis. Family, friends, neighbors and classmates paint a moving image of this impressive young man whose spiritual wisdom far surpassed his age. Through photos, videos and eyewitness accounts, you’ll get an insight into his true devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and his relentless determination to spread the truth of Eucharistic miracles to believers around the world.

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The Tomb of Bl. Carlo

Blessed Carlo Acutis’ “Holiness Kit”

By Antonia Acutis, from her book My Son Carlo: Carlo Acutis Through the Eyes of His Mother

My son taught catechism to children for a few years, and to help them progress spiritually, he created a kit for becoming a saint. He wrote: “I want to tell you a few of my very special secrets which will help you quickly reach sainthood. Always remember that you, too, can become a saint!”

1. First, you have to want it [sainthood] with your whole heart, and if you do not have the desire yet, you must ask the Lord for it with insistence.
2. Try to go to Mass every day and receive holy Communion.
3. If you can, try to spend a few minutes in Eucharistic adoration before the tabernacle where Jesus is truly present. In this way, you’ll see how your level of holiness increases!
4. Remember to recite the holy Rosary every day.
5. Read a passage from holy Scripture every day.
6. If you can, confess every week, even for venial sins.
7. Make promises often to God and the Virgin Mary to help others.
8. Ask your guardian angel, who must become your best friend, for help.

Below: reliquary containing the heart of Blessed Carlo
Both photos from the Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore in Italy, courtesy of Monica Keith

Reliquary containing the heart of Blessed Carlo


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Do This in Remembrance of Me: A Step-by-Step Walk through the Mass

Do This in Remembrance of Me: A Step-by-Step Walk through the Mass

This week, Father Luke helps us understand more deeply the postures associated with different parts of the Creed and how the physical movement actually helps us pray. As a matter of fact, the Creed is a profound moment of expressing the unity we share in professing our faith.

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Saying Yes to Adoration

Saying Yes to Adoration

When Gretchen Crowe was invited to take on an early morning Holy Hour 15 years ago, she knew her life would change. But she had no idea how deep would be the impact of this weekly commitment to quiet time in adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. As we continue to celebrate the beautiful message of Pope Francis to our Eucharistic Revival and Congress Teams, we are very pleased to share Gretchen’s testimony this week.

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More Video Coverage of the Eucharistic Revival's Audience with Pope Francis

More Video Coverage of the Eucharistic Revival’s Audience with Pope Francis

Rome Reports has a fantastic video capturing the essence of our Revival and Congress teams visit with Pope Francis: encounter and mission. Watch this inspiring footage and hear from some of our leaders about why our Holy Father is so encouraging of the National Eucharistic Revival. 

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“The more Eucharist we receive, the more we will become like Jesus, so that on earth we will have a foretaste of heaven.”

Blessed Carlo Acutis



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