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Parking Note

When attending the program, please do not park on Harvey Street, Cedar Street or the small school parking lot.  Please park on the fenced in large parking lot or the parking lot behind the church.  Thank you!


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What is TMIY?

TMIY 2017 - 2018 Season

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Spring Semester Schedule Beginning 1-31-19

Session 14: What Must I Do?  (1/31/19)


  • Story of Failed Leadership
  • Saddest Story in the Gospel
  • What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life
  • Personal Invitation from Christ
  • The Path of Transformation
  • Recap of the Spring


Session 15: That Man Is You!  (2/7/19)


  • The Story of King David
  • Consequences for King David’s Actions
  • Costs of Infidelity
  • Family, Children and Church All Touched by Infidelity
  • The Family and Peace
  • Developing the Five Personal Traits of Leaders
  • Embracing Your Leadership Role


Session 16:  The Heart of Man  (2/14/19)


  • The Reality of Man’s Heart?
  • The Moment of Self Consciousness
  • The Thirst of the Human Heart
  • The Fulfillment of the Heart’s Desires
  • The Temptation and Fall of Humanity
  • The Renewal of Creation
  • A Man After God’s Own Heart


Session 17:  Becoming a Man after God’s Own Heart  (2/21/19)


  • Our Lenten Journey and the Parable of the Sower
  • The Fate of the Seeds
  • The Three Fundamental Orientations
  • The Obstacles in the Spiritual Life
  • That You Would Bear Fruit
  • Evaluating Your Spiritual Life
  • Encountering the Living God and His Mercy


Session 18: A Heart Enslaved by the Flesh  (2/28/19)


  • Turn Away From Sin and be Faithful to the Gospel
  • Your Time is Not Your Own
  • Purity of Heart Starts with the Eyes
  • The Working of a Man’s Brain
  • The Chemistry of Addiction
  • The Objectification of Fatherhood
  • Steps to Purity


Session 19: A Heart Bound by the World  (3/7/19)


  • Finances and Your Faith
  • Our Culture and Money
  • Where Are the Desires of Your Heart
  • Work to Provide
  • Who Has the Highest Life Satisfaction
  • Can Someone be Addicted to Success?
  • Seven Steps to Financial Freedom


Session 20: A Descent into the Isolation of Self  (3/14/19)


  • Prayer is Essential
  • The Plan of God vs. the Plan of Satan
  • Joy of Communion
  • Isolation of Self
  • Union with God is Your Destiny
  • It is not Good for Man to be Alone


Session 21:  The Ascent of the Mind to God  (3/21/19)


  • The Wonder of the Human Person
  • The Challenge of Modern Man
  • The Science of God
  • The Lamp to Enlighten our Minds, Scripture
  • Lectio Devina Aids us to Hear His Still Small Voice
  • The Conversion of St. Augustine


Session 22: The Practice of the Presence of God  (4/4/19)


  • The Desire of the Human Heart
  • The Desire of the “Heart” of God
  • The Thirst of Jesus Christ
  • The Mystery of the Eucharist
  • St. Faustina and Divine Mercy
  • The Practice of the Presence of God


Session 23: The Hidden Face of God  (4/11/19)


  • Expanding our Heart for to Find Christ in Others
  • Living Tabernacles
  • Story of John Pridmore, Gangland to Promised Land
  • Encountering God in the Poor
  • God in Your Home
  • The Practice of the Hidden Face of God


Session 24:  The Triumph of Mercy  (4/18/19)


  • Enlarging the Human Heart
  • Encountering the Father, Rich in Mercy
  • The Story of St. John Bosco
  • The Power of a Good Confession
  • The Gift of Peace
  • The Superabundant Mercy of God
  • John Paul II and Mercy


Session 25: Encountering the Good Master  (4/25/19)


  • The Saddest Story in the Gospel
  • The Seven Steps of TMIY! and Their Impact
  • Superabundant Happiness
  • The Profound Impact of the Family
  • The TMIY Mission 12.0 Challenge
  • The Vision of a New Springtime
  • The “Program” for the Future”


Session 26: A Man after God’s own Heart  (5/2/19 – Spring semester ends)


  • A Journey into the Heart of Mercy
  • Trust in Divine Mercy
  • Continuing Our Journey
  • St. Joseph, A Man After God’s Own Heart
  • The Hiddenness of St. Joseph
  • The School of Nazareth
  • Open Wide the Arms to Christ